Pour the PERFECT beer everytime!

Bottom Pouring Faucet Adapter! Also converts your faucet to a Creamer Faucet!
Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser

The BottomsUp® Draft Beer Dispenser is now available from BottomPour.com! Including Counter Top, In-Counter, Party Coolers, Jockey Boxes and Accessories!
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With this extended pouring
spout, get the perfect pour
everytime! By directing the beer
to the bottom of the glass
it minimizes the splash that
most taps create. This means less head and quicker serving to your customer! Save on beer with less waste and higher yields! The perfect bottom pouring faucet! Elegant and affordable! Easily adapts to your current taps! Great for venues with plastic cups! Build your bottom line, don't pour your profits down the drain!
Starting at $24.95
ALL 304 Stainless Steel!
Lifetime Guarantee!
Patent Pending
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Draft Beer Yields at its Best!