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Last year alone,millions of people got their beers filled from the bottom up and it’s rapidly being recognized as the future of draft beer service!

Make More Money - Decrease Transaction Times!

Bottoms Up has taken the “art” of pouring the beer out of the server’s hands and made it as simple as setting down a cup. When a server places a cup on the dispenser it fills and stops at the pre-programed level automatically. The servers hands are now free to grab a food order, ring up the sale, check ID, or set down more cups on other dispensers. This multiplies the amount of beer one person can dispense by themselves many times over and in doing so, decreases transaction times.

Make More Money - Lower your Cost of Goods!

BottomsUp Draft Beer Dispenser CupsBottoms Up dispensers produce keg yield in excess of 98% by removing draught beers number one enemy, USER ERROR. You have seen it 100 times, an inexperienced server dumping your beer everywhere, claiming “The beer’s being foamy!”. Bottoms Up takes the “I know how to pour a beer!” you hear all too often out of the equation by removing the need for them to actually know how to pour a beer. No bad pours = less money down the drain.

Make More Money - Drive New Revenue!

The magnet at the bottom of the cup does a lot more than seal it! It is the largest (perspectively), most interactive, influential advertising space in your facility. Sell the space to outside advertisers and start making money before you even sell one drop of beer. OR promote yourself by create brand awareness, engaging customers with games, puzzles, or promotions. The limit is your imagination. Influence your patrons when they are most influenceable, at the bottom of their beer. If you get creative enough the magnet will end up on their fridge at home and will be a part of their life forever. Why stop at making an impression when you can make a memory.

Draft Beer Dispensers

The cornerstone of the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System is its unique method of delive r y . Specifically designed to eliminate user error, reduce waste, and decrease transaction times for operationally e f ficient draft beer se r vice. This dispenser is the fastest in the world. Straight from the facto r y our dispenser is easily integrated into any draft system. Our dispensers come in two styles, counter top and in-counter ranging from 1 to 6 nozzles. Custom builds are available upon request. Our dispensers are made in the USA with FDA approved materials.

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